We all know that Bed and Breakfasts are great for vacations- they offer a great change of pace from the hustle and bustle of impersonal hotel chains. But usually, B&Bs are considered “personal” travel spots. Are they a good option for business trips?

Business travel, whether for a conference, to meet a client, or hosting a company retreat, entails specialized needs. Here are some reasons to consider a B&B like Boise’s Bella Vista for your next business trip in the Boise or Meridian City area.

Computer Amenities

Business these days is fast paced and it is hard to do business without reliable internet. At Bella Vista, we provide free hi-speed Wi-Fi and you won’t have to compete for the bandwidth.
In business, it seems there is always some new information or a last minute change that you need to include in a report or proposal. In addition to the internet, a good B&B will often provide tools not found in the hotel room. At Bella Vista each room has a large desk with ergonomic office chair. The 24” monitor is ready to plug into your laptop. That large desk also has a full sized key board and mouse in the desk tray. To round it all out, on-site color printing is available.
You can stay caught up on your emails, print off any documents you need, and stay up-to-date on pertinent industry news.


Business travel is hard work.

With the unpredictability of travel, you don’t need the distractions of noisy rooms right next door or below you. At Bella Vista our guest rooms have engineered sound suppression systems in all walls, ceilings and floors.

Bella Vista not only offers a serene setting, but also a beautiful view of the valley between the cities of Boise and Meridian. Sit out on the separate guest patio and relax between meetings.

Breakfast and such…

Breakfast choices will vary based on the establishment. We choose to feature local, fresh foods in our meals, sourcing our meats, cheese, and yogurts from regional farms and dairies, and partnering with Boise pastry providers like Great Harvest and Little Kitchen in Meridian.
You will not need to cook your own waffle here; simply let us know what time you would like your breakfast served and we will bring it to you. Many guests prefer dining on the patio when the weather is nice but you can enjoy your breakfast at the custom designed bistro table in the kitchenette.

In the evening when you are finishing up the e-mail or last minute edits, stop by the kitchenette where you will find an assortment of healthy snacks to choose from. Of course there are a few sweet and salty snacks as well  if you prefer. In the fridge you will find an array of complimentary beverages. We do suggest you wait until the work is done to sample the local wine and brews.

One of the biggest selling points of Bed and Breakfasts is that they offer a departure from your every day experiences. Every B&B will be different, with new things to discover and new inspiration to find. If you’re ready for a business trip that you won’t need a vacation to recover from, book a room at a B&B. If you’re in the Boise or Meridian area, come visit us at Bella Vista; we’ll be happy to welcome you!