They key to a great vacation, visit, or successful business trip starts with finding the right place to stay.  Selecting a place to stay in Boise isn’t always as easy as it might seem.  The Boise area is a central hub for business and entertainment, so there are certainly no shortage of lodging options.    Features like free WiFi, great customer service, cleanliness, privacy, and a delicious breakfast are usually on the top of the list of desired features.  When it comes to all those features and more, a quality Bed and Breakfast will outperform a hotel every time.  Best of all, B&B rates are usually 20-30% less than hotel prices.

Concierge Services:
Travelers needing a taxi or shuttle will be well taken care of by most hotel concierge services, however bed and breakfast guests can take advantage of recommendations from true local area residents who can recommend the best that Boise truly has to offer.

Customer Service:
Recent traveler surveys revealed that only 56% of hotel guests reported acceptable levels of customer service during their hotel stay.  Hotel supervisors come and go, and when dealing with hundreds of people each week, its difficult to make sure each visitor receives the personal attention that is needed.  B & B’s on the other hand have fewer guests, and in most cases, the owners see to your needs personally.  They rely on word of mouth and positive reviews, and as a result they spend more time and effort to make sure each guest leaves happy.

It’s not uncommon to see hotels charge for extra services such as WiFi, parking, use of a safe for valuables left in the room, not to mention other service fees and tips.  These hidden fees that hotels charge are almost always provided at no charge when staying at a B&B.

Comfort and Cleanliness:
Some travelers may prefer the same old look and feel of a standard hotel room. However, visitors looking for something romantic, luxurious, charming, or simply someplace that feels like home, will be better served at a bed and breakfast. Private kitchen and dining areas, quiet common areas, one of a kind views, office accommodations, are all available at no extra charge.

Noise and Privacy
One of the most common hotel guest complaints are related to noise. Traffic noise, loud air conditioners, parties in the next room, kids running up and down the halls, the list of potential noise pollution goes on and on. Bed and breakfast locations are usually tucked away neatly off the beaten path, and with only a few guests at a time, noise is kept to a minimum, and guests enjoy the privacy and peace of a more secluded location.

Breakfast and Refreshments
Locally sourced organic grains, yogurts, breads, pastries, combined with artisan meats and cheeses provide for a much more delightful breakfast than a store bought bagel. B&B’s are known for their breakfast, not all are served hot, but without exception a high quality B&B breakfast beats that bowl of cereal any day.

When it comes to a unique and personal touch, high customer service, local expertise, and low prices, B&B’s come out ahead every time. If you or someone you know is looking for the right place to stay in the Boise or Meridian Idaho area, check the availability at the Bella Vista Bed and Breakfast; you’ll be glad you did!